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About Rollin' Stone

After graduating college in 1994, I pursued my passion for industrial controls and automation in manufacturing which took me through several industries including spa manufacturing, plastics, automotive and, since 2005, stone equipment.

    In 1998 I started Tennessee Service Company which focuses on my local market in east Tennessee.  I offer industrial field service, indoor & outdoor lighting, surveillance equipment maintenance & installation as well as custom automation.

Since 2005 I have worked for many distributors in the stone industry as an independent technician.  I also render my services to individual fabrication shops all over the United States.  My mission is a simple one, to give the highest quality service possible while treating my customers with the respect and honesty they deserve at a competitive price.

I am located in a small town in east Tennessee just 50 miles south of Knoxville called Athens.  Here is a rough idea of driving times from Athens to some major cities. 


Nashville, TN – 3 hours

Ashville, NC – 3 hours

Birmingham, AL – 3 hours

Huntsville, AL – 3 hours

Atlanta, GA – 3 hours

Lexington, KY – 4 hours

Columbus, GA – 4.5 hours

Louisville, KY – 5 hours

Cincinnati, OH – 5 hours

Montgomery, AL – 5 hours

Charlotte, NC – 5 hours

Evansville, IN – 5 hours

Memphis, TN – 6 hours

Indianapolis, IN – 6.5 hours

Marvin Goins
(423) 494-8094


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